Warm and Inviting Mexican Living Rooms

  • Mexico is very rich with historical buildings. Therefore, the country is often considered as the center of New Spain. Mexican architecture has greatly influences the world. Warmth and openness are the main characteristics you can find in Mexican buildings. In this article, however, I will focus to talk about Mexican living rooms. You must be impressed by the living rooms.

    Attractiveness is another characteristic of Mexican style. In the first picture, you can see an example of Mexican living room. The living room is attractive, inviting and warm at the same time. It’s so wonderful, right? Brown square floor tiles and traditional furniture pieces create warm atmosphere in the room.

    The furniture pieces include comfortable sofa, chairs and table. An old chest interestingly functions as a coffee table there. Green walls and amazing white ceiling make the living room look so attractive. Meanwhile, the glass windows help the area to appear so inviting for everyone.

    It seems that the second Mexican living room gives greater focus on warmth. Bold cream color applies on the walls. Meanwhile, dark wooden tiles decorate the floor. An artistic round rug serves as a nice covering for the wooden floor. Dark brown leather sofa with pillows stands near the rug.

    You can also find an interesting rattan chair in the living room. Mexican people are also known for their religiosity. Therefore, three crosses hang beautifully on a wall. There is a wall hanging painting below the crosses. Impressive dark wooden doors make the living room feel even warmer.

    If you want to enhance your own living room, it’s a good idea to decorate it with Mexican style. The style will turn your living room to be more welcoming and warmer. Then, it can be a perfect room to entertain your guests and relatives. They must feel at home for being there.

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 01st 2017 in Living Room 10 Images
    Warm and Inviting Mexican Living Rooms

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