The Stylish Contemporary Bratislava Riverpark House by Beef Structure

  • Design inspiration in the gallery this time is an apartment in Bratislava, the Riverpark Apartment. This condominium has a simple idea, that of bringing pure parts into the building, with the goal that the user can enjoy life after a tired day's work.

    There are a lot of individuals who feel drained and bored after work, and never being comforted after returning dwelling, and instead look ahead to the end of the week time to exit of the house. The aim of this condominium is planning, in order that the owner of this residence on daily basis can refresh the thoughts after a drained day's work. The designer design this condominium is Beef Structure, and I feel the result is awesome.

    This residence has a large opening and spacious, with an attractive view outside. On the morning or evening, stunning surroundings can eradicate the fatigue that had accumulated. The present furniture within the apartment is very fashionable and fashionable, with a cool and unique design. Sofas are colored in calm nuance and look snug, there may be also a singular flooring lamp, and several chandeliers are price a look. Every little thing that exists on this condominium I feel may be very attention-grabbing and never boring.

    In this residence, we'll see a whole lot of wood materials. Wooden is broadly used as flooring coverings, wall coverings, or for material desk and chair maker. Wood is material that may make the room appear heat, fun, and comfy place to live. You've seen the really cool balcony? Clear ingredient is visible on the balcony. Design a cool balcony, very supportive of your leisure activity, trying on the stunning scenery across the apartments.

    iros saki lomi Posted on October 30th 2016 in Architecture 13 Images
    The Stylish Contemporary Bratislava Riverpark House by Beef Structure

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