Simply Beautiful and Cozy Japanese-Style Dining Rooms

  • There is no doubt that Japanese people has very high culture. The culture even has existed since ancient times. It’s not surprising if Japanese culture can give great influence to the culture in other countries. Zen is one of the most popular products of Japanese culture among Westerners. Besides Zen, Japanese interior design is also often considered captivating and inspiring. In this post, I want to focus on talking about Japanese-style dining room.

    Japanese interior design gives high appreciation to simplicity and nature. This principle is nicely applied in the first Japanese-style dining room. There are no complicated decorative pieces in the dining room, allowing one to enjoy relaxing dinner there. A rectangular wooden dining table is set in the middle of the room, standing on a thin mat. White lampion is hung beautifully over the furniture piece. Wooden chairs with interesting railing backrest surround the table. The dining room also has glass doors that offer beautiful scene of green garden.

    In the second picture, you can see a modern Japanese-style dining room. Although the dining room has modern design, but the principle of simplicity is still applied there. A low dark wooden dining table becomes the room’s centerpiece. White tray of delicious foods is set on it. However, there are no any chairs that surround the table. It’s just completed with simple pads for seating. Meanwhile, a white lampion is also hung from ceiling above the dining table.

    The third picture also shows you a modern dining room in Japanese style. White paint color applies on the walls. Japanese calligraphy adorns a wall impressively. Breathtaking wooden beams are installed on the upper walls. A modern wooden dining table stands on an artistic rug and completed with cozy white chairs. A few light fixtures with attractive orange shade are hung over the table. Small green plant decorates the dining room corner. It’s your time to create your own Japanese-style dining room!

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 15th 2017 in Dining Room 10 Images
    Simply Beautiful and Cozy Japanese-Style Dining Rooms

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