Mesmerizing Glass Extensions Approach

  • I need something that's compatible with present, with out mimicry. After which glass extensions is meant as a liaison between the park and a permanent building. Wood is natural, as probably the most suitable material.

    There are three stages of work to make glass extensions • The opening of the bottom ground, take away the lid to remain and the creation of a window within the roof. • Becoming out the attic (20 m² living area). • Creation of the enlargement and conversion of basement garden soil.

    With a modest measurement (16 m²), glass extensions still gives the impression of space. Open to the backyard, it houses the dining room, which continued without a break in the existing building. The spine of the cube may be very easy, consisting of pine boards from the north. This serves to assist the tin roof and the quantity for glass extensions is.

    Berries all the same dimensions: 1 meter by 2. Home windows, fastened, based mostly on the block alongside the sting of the beam and simply put in a bead. Glass extensions is in development. Boards also niangon shutters covering all the glass extensions. The orientation of the blade permits the gentle winter grazing. Nevertheless, keep away from the summer time warmth rays to go home.

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    Mesmerizing Glass Extensions Approach

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