Mesmerizing Beauty and Luxury Properties Stage four in Singapore by KNQ Associates

  • When you’re visiting a city in Singapore, you will find a 4-storey house made by designer Stanley Tham from KNQ Associates. Design house that appears luxurious. If goes into in home, you may be in shown primary color combination of black and white combined with other vivid colours so united very beautiful. When there entering this dwelling,there's a massive mirror that makes life a living room. Furniture home organized neat, and there are decoration of small objects on the walls inside the home very unique.

    One other design continues into the bed room, however the design and furnishings fluctuate in each room to make it simpler distinguish the rooms. For the residents of the home, the bed room is vital part then made as stunning as possible. Earlier than entering the bed room, should cross the stairs and you’ll see the photos and paintings hanging on the wall together with the stairs. And you will really feel is like running in the art gallery in the home itself. And within the family room are supplied a variety of leisure resembling a big LCD TV, and you'll sing with tools karaoke which complete.

    On the roof of the home, you will notice the floor from ceramic which coated real wood. On the roof of the home there may be additionally a small park that makes some individuals would really feel comfortable. And there are also synthetic grass with a small size, and there 2 pieces dining desk for household with a special shape. If you find yourself on the roof, you will note the buildings and see the environment the home beneath it. (picture and knowledge offered by KNQ Associates).

    iros saki lomi Posted on October 26th 2016 in Architecture 32 Images
    Mesmerizing Beauty and Luxury Properties Stage four in Singapore by KNQ Associates

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