Luxurious Contemporary Home Interior Design inspiration by Geometrix

  • Do you search for modern design of residence interior design? This is a modern dwelling inside with luxurious design. Each rooms of this home are modern. It may be seemed within the fashionable and luxury of the furniture and electronics. The colour choices are elegant and beautiful. It's good design by Geometrix which decorates the house perfectly.

    The concept of the bedroom is white with picket accents. The comfortable mattress is white with heat black blanket. Beside the mattress, there are wood wall with desks and shelves. On the cabinets, there are lovely white flowers, good white vases, and candles. On the desk, there are romantic white roses.

    The large window with beautiful white curtain is lush with the lamps above the window. The luxury of the bed room also appears with the fashionable television in front of the bed. The attention-grabbing silver vase adorns the room beside the television.

    The school room is gorgeous with the wonderful purple mural on the wall. The elegant white examine desk and the chair are luxurious with the white laptop. Beside the study table, the nice purple shelf is gorgeous with the white books, white cat statues, white telephone, and remarkable vases.

    The round fur rug is also the fascinating furniture in this room. There is also other ebook shelf which has mixture colours of purple and white. In this room, the luxurious television is wonderful on the wall. There are lovely purple armchairs in this room. It is rather luxurious design of residence and can be applied on your house design.

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 10th 2017 in Interior Design 9 Images
    Luxurious Contemporary Home Interior Design inspiration by Geometrix

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