Lovely and Attactive Wall Decal Designs from Empire City Studios

  • You'll be amazed with these wall decal designs. The wall decal will make your room alive. The wall decal will improve the fantastic thing about your room too. Your room seems uncommon with the motif of wall decal on your wall. There are a lot of designs of wall decal which shall be shown. There are tree blossom motif, floral motif, cup of coffee motif, tree motif, and different beautiful wall decal motifs.

    The wall decal of gorgeous white cream flower vinyl wall decal is gorgeous on the cream wall. The colour of wall decal is suitable with the white couch color. The white couch is interesting with gray and cream cushions. Beside the wall decal, there are cabinets with some books and vases on the shelves. The gray ground lamp is also harmony with the attractive floral motif of wall decal. It's appropriate wall decal motif for you who like nature.

    The other design of wall decal are very extraordinary with the tree blossom motif on the white wall. The flower colors of the wall decal are black and peach. There are black birds which suck the honey of the flowers that is like butterflies. The peach couch is appropriate with the peach flowers on the wall decal. The nice coloration combination in this room is very harmony. You'll be able to see extra wall decals within the pictures.

    iros saki lomi Posted on April 30th 2017 in Inspirations & Ideas 8 Images
    Lovely and Attactive Wall Decal Designs from Empire City Studios

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