Is This Unique Houseboat Your Dream Living Space?

  • When talking about dream house, you must think of great budget to build or purchase it. However, there is a unique and interesting house in Prague, Czech Republic built with reasonable budget. The house may not have sophisticated design; it also doesn’t employ the use of premium materials. However, many people consider the house as their dream dwelling. Read on this article to know more about the house.

    I consider the house as unique and interesting because it’s actually a houseboat. Some of you may have imagined living in a house that can get you closer with nature. Well, this houseboat will do that thing perfectly. If you decide to live in there, then you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of lake everyday. Lovely blue paint color applies on the exterior walls. Seeing from outside, the house feels so small. However, the interior is more spacious than you might think.

    Wood is used as the main material for the houseboat ceiling and walls. You can find a blue sofa in the living area. It overlooks glass doors and lake view. Small red chair and bench are placed in front of the piece. Meanwhile, shelving unit is installed on a wall for holding TV and decorative items. There is also a wooden dining table with two chairs in the living area. They create very inviting and welcoming feel there.

    The houseboat still features other interesting rooms, including bedroom, kitchen and laundry room. The bedroom is very unique because it’s located on a small loft with sloping wooden ceilings. Glass window is installed on a ceiling to let in natural light. Although the loft bedroom is small, it can accommodate a large white bed with red pillows. It must be very comfortable to sleep in the bedroom. Well, is this houseboat your dream dwelling?

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 17th 2017 in Living Room 10 Images
    Is This Unique Houseboat Your Dream Living Space?

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