Glamorous Modern Condo with White Idea by Alexander Lysak

  • When you look for small residence with fashionable design, this is the very best design of condominium for you. The condominium by Alexander Lysak is glamorous with some trendy furniture. The idea of this apartment is white. There's water feature wall and the wooden accents on this apartment. You will feel natural impression of the trendy design of the apartment. The design of the house will be seen within the pictures.

    The open plan dwelling dining could be very cool and recent with the mirrored water characteristic wall. The mirrored water function wall makes the room amazing. The glass eating table can also be superb and exotic. It seems luxurious with fashionable sliver chandelier.

    The desk can be romantic with lovely white flowers in glass vase. The dining desk is appropriate with white chairs. Nearby the dining desk, the luxurious kitchen is wonderful with modern kitchen cabinet. Beside it, there is a fire in the room. The living room is snug with the tender gray sofa.

    The bed may be very snug with tender white mattress and grey pillows. It is a easy bed room with modern design. There is an air conditioner above the bed. The wood floor is white. The curtain of the room can also be white. All of the properties in this room are white.

    Beside the bed, there are comfortable white armchairs with distinctive table. The table is like some massive glasses. The fireplace makes the bed room warm. The e book shelves is seen from the bedroom. It is appropriate residence inspiration for you.

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    Glamorous Modern Condo with White Idea by Alexander Lysak

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