Courtyard House: A New Building with Modest Design and Natural Surroundings

  • A house with natural surroundings is the dream living space of many people. Such house can give calm and peace for the occupants. Having the opportunity to see natural scene is also considered as a blessing in this modern time. Therefore, I’m not surprised if there are many modern people who choose natural area to build their house. Well, Courtyard House is my focus in this post.

    Courtyard House can be considered as a new building because it was just completed in 2013. Although the house has modest design, it has become the favorite of many people. The reason is actually very simple. Located in Aurora, Oregon USA, the living space allows its occupant to access natural scene easily. That’s why many people consider the Courtyard House as their dream dwelling. Do you also love this house?

    A hole at the center of the house’s roof looks very astonishing. Well, the hole actually functions to bring sunlight into an indoor garden. The indoor garden is small but beautiful; it’s like the heart of the house. Glass enclosure even gives exclusive look for the garden. You can find a living area near the garden.

    A blue sofa becomes one of the most appealing pieces in the area; it stands on a light beige rug. Rectangular coffee table with a vase of red flowers is set in front of the piece. A kitchen island with wooden base is installed beside the living area. Wooden cabinets make the kitchen look more natural.

    Meanwhile, the bedroom is very calming and beautiful. It has glass walls that offer natural outside view. A nature-themed green and white bed brings great comfort into the bedroom. Wooden storage unit is set at the foot of the bed. A contemporary small desk is set in the bedroom corner. Hopefully, this Courtyard House can give you inspiration.

    iros saki lomi Posted on December 29th 2016 in Garden 10 Images
    Courtyard House: A New Building with Modest Design and Natural Surroundings

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