Breathtaking Western-Style Bathrooms to Inspire You

  • Western culture is sometimes considered as a new culture. Some people even say there are no a lot of wisdoms to be found in the Western culture. However, I suggest you not to ignore everything that comes from West. It’s necessary for us to learn from Western culture, just like we can take lessons from a young man. In this post, I want to display a few pictures of impressive Western-style bathrooms. Take a look.

    The first picture displays a Western-style bathroom with beige walls and wooden beadboard. A wooden sliding door enables you to access the bathroom easily. Floating wooden vanity with white sink looks so captivating. It comes with underneath shelves for storage baskets. Framed black and white photo is put on the bathroom vanity to create dramatic look. A large mirror in wooden frame hangs on a wall to pair the vanity. There is a wall-mount light fixture beside the mirror.

    Moving to the second picture, you can see a Western-style bathroom with a breathtaking stone wall. Wooden beams are installed on another wall. A wooden vanity with dark stone top is set in front of a glass window. It comes with built-in sink and storage units. White ellipse bathtub brings luxury and comfort into the bathroom. While soaking deeply in the bathtub, one can enjoy majestic winter scene offered by glass windows near the bathroom fixture.

    The third picture shows you a modern Western-style bathroom. However, I can still find rustic impression there. It has warm and elegant dark wooden floor. Tiny brown tiles attach on the entire surface of a wall. The texture of the wall is enriched by brown floating sink and hanging mirror. Meanwhile, white paint color applies on the other walls. An artistic painting hangs nicely on a white wall. I hope this post can give everyone understanding that beauty can come not only from East, but also from West.

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 08th 2017 in Bathroom 10 Images
    Breathtaking Western-Style Bathrooms to Inspire You

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