Beautiful Bathrooms that Serve as Refreshing Space

  • Back then, bathrooms are only used for cleaning, nothing more. However, things have changed in this modern era. Bathroom becomes a refreshing space where we can relax and refresh our minds. Today, you are really lucky to find this article. This article will tell about some of the best beautiful bathroom designs. Check out our image collection and see if your dream bathroom is there!

    A luxurious bathroom is served in the following photo. The bathroom really accentuates elegance with its grey and black wall. Moreover, the wall is also installed with nice lighting idea using opal wall sconces. Some great paintings are also included in the wall plan. The furniture selection also showcases nice choices. A unique white bathtub defines the centerpiece of this beautiful bathroom. Next to it, we will see a glamorous fur rug covering the floor area. Meanwhile, in the corner, the bathroom features a chic mirrored sink vanity with deluxe white sink vessels.

    Cozy and relaxing are the right words to define this beautiful bathroom. With its teak wall, this bathroom promises cohesive and warm outlook. You can even find some relaxing wall lights giving dramatic sensation to this bathroom. On the wall, we will also find the presence of a modern wall mount fireplace with realistic fire burning. As the centerpiece, the bathroom features a square drop in bathtub adorned with relaxing candles and bathroom houseplants.

    A marvelous decorating idea is also applied in this awesome bathroom. The bathroom has such alluring yellow wall embellished with beige subway tiles. In the corner, a half circular bathtub is side by side with nice window with fabulous floral valance. Moreover, some bathroom flowers are added to make the bathroom feels soothing and refreshing.

    iros saki lomi Posted on October 21st 2016 in Bathroom 10 Images
    Beautiful Bathrooms that Serve as Refreshing Space

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