A Fascinating Renovated Apartment with Futuristic Impression

  • House renovation is very necessary. Don’t wait until there are damages in your house for doing the renovation. Each time you greatly require new mood n your house, it’s the right time to initiate the renovation. I hope you won’t think too much about budget because small renovation can already deliver significant differences. In this post, I want to share information on Igloo House. It’s a renovated apartment in Gdynia, Poland that must be able to inspire you.

    I have no clear idea why the renovated apartment is named Igloo House. I guess it’s just because that the living space is located in an area with snowy season. What is clear, the designer has smartly made the house to have futuristic impression. Gray sofa is set in the living area; it combines with a trendy and colorful striped rug. A modern glass coffee table stands appealingly on the rug. Meanwhile, light gray glossy panel is installed on a wall. Modern TV hangs on the wall panel for providing entertainment in the living area.

    The living area integrates with a lovely white kitchen. You can find the kitchen just behind the gray sofa. White kitchen countertop with built-in sink and stove provides a very functional workspace. A white round dining table stands beautifully in front of the kitchen countertop. It’s surrounded by four white chairs. Light fixture with white dome shade is hung over the table. Not far from the dining area, you can find a dark hallway that leads to a home office. The hallway is special because it’s decorated with futuristic yellow chair and wall shelves.

    Let’s move to the home office. Stylish black and white wallpaper decorates a wall, creating an impressive look. A simple but interesting white computer desk with stainless steel legs stands in front of a glass window. It’s paired with lovely white chair and drawers. While working on the desk, one can also enjoy beautiful outside view offered by the window. A pot of red flowers is even put on the windowsill. Igloo House is just amazing for me. What do you think?

    iros saki lomi Posted on February 06th 2017 in Apartments 10 Images
    A Fascinating Renovated Apartment with Futuristic Impression

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